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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

Identify Applicants Who Are Reapplying For The Same Position Again.

Learn how to identify applicants who are applying for a second time to Job Offers.

Get notified when an applicant is applying to one of your job offers for a second or third time.

Sometimes applicants who have previously applied to your job offers and have been archived for some reason may reapply for new job open positions in your location.

When the applicant starts by filling out the job offer again, the system will recognize the data and immediately will show a window with this message:

If the applicant selects "Yes, update my info," they can upload new info to a previous application/record stored inside the system. 

If the applicant selects "Don't update," the system will create a new application/record inside the system. The system will delete previous applications.

We recommend using Pipehire to identify applicants who have previously applied to one of your postings.

By targeting these applicants from the very beginning, you can use a targeted yet less expensive approach that will help you close more offers.

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