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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to post your job form to Facebook and other job post services.

Learn how to share your forms anywhere on the web.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago

This is a simple but powerful way to share your form on different places like Facebook groups, Indeed, Craig's List, and many more.

With your new account you get a "ready to go" form: which has the basic questions to hire a house cleaning technician.

Go to Forms Module, and select the URL to post the job in websites, click or copy the URL and share it in the different job platforms around the web. URLs can be shared through SMS, email, etc.

URLs can be shared through SMS, email, etc. Applicants will be able to open the link using a mobile cell phone, laptop, desktop, etc.

With the previously copied form URL, go to your FB, Indeed, Zip recruiter account and paste the URL to create a new job post.

You can post the URL anywhere on the web. Applicants will automatically land inside your Funnel Module(Applicant Column).

If you need help posting to Indeed or Facebook jobs, our customer success manager is helping you post with your own account now included with every plan.

Just email or book a call to get it done

Remember that the form can be edited at any time. The system will automatically update your form without changing the URL; there's no need to go and replace the form URL.

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