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Juan Chaparro
Written by Juan Chaparro

Background checks statuses and results meaning

Written by Juan Chaparro

Updated over a week ago-

What's a Clear, Consider or Suspended statuses mean on the background check results?

  • Clear: It's clean, there's no issues found on this applicant's record. You may proceed.
  • Consider: Includes information that must be reviewed by your team before making a hiring decision, such as an issue with driver's license or background information. You need to find out what's issue before hiring them.
  • Suspended: Typically this is a because there's typo in their Name, SSN or Driver's license entered at the time of summiting their application. Checkr does send an email to the candidate's emails asking to upload their documents to the "Candidate's Portal" to finish processing their background check and verify. The status will remain "Suspended" until the applicant submits the document requested, typically is the Driver's license. 

We recommend you call the applicant and mention to them, that check their email and look for an email like this: