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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

"Active Working" stage.

Here we described the importance and the characteristics of the stage.


Written by Luis Chaparro

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This stage is crucial for the proper development of the funnel module; let me explain why.

In this stage, applicants become employees. When you previously, as a business owner, did your due diligence with most relevant applicants and are sure they are a good fit for your company, you're in control to move them to Active Working Stage.

Active Working Stage will create a new Employee profile by default based on the info they filled on the initial application. 

Here inside the employee profile, you can have a complete view of your new employee.

Go to >>>Edit Employee, here you'll find a set of tools specifically designed to track and follow the performance of each employee

That's it! Now you have a fantastic tool to facilitate your employee selection.

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