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Juan Chaparro
Written by Juan Chaparro

Activate your Pipehire for success 😀

Before you hit the ground running, and start filling the funnel with candidates, please follow these steps to properly set up your Pipehire system.

Activation steps:

1. Upload your logo, so your applicants see yours, not ours.  

2. Fill in the job form "about this job" key information:

This is required to be able to post to the offer and to be able to publish your job to Google jobs.

  • Go to "Job Offers"
  • Look for a form called "House Cleaning Technician Job 2021"
  • Click on the "pencil" icon and complete the following steps below.
  • Click "Update Form" so changes are saved.

3. Insert Calendly links to receive application appointments automatically.

  •  If you use another calendar system, yes it can be used too!
  • Need to learn how to set up Calendly different events, please go here
  • Don't have Calendly account, setup on here.

4. Test your job application form by filling it once and verifying you have an applicant in the funnel.

  • Go to "Job Offers" to look for the form URL
  • Look for a form called "House Cleaning Technician Job 2021"
  • Grab the URL by clicking on "Copy" and "Paste" it in a new tab, go ahead and fill the form like if you were applying to this job.
  • You should receive an SMS message, email, and a notification on the bell on the top right.
  • If the applicant is an "A or B" player and if you set up your Calendly URLs your applicants can see the options to self-book an interview.

5. Embed Pipehire form on your website for better conversions. (one of the most important steps)

  • Go to "Job Offers"
  • Look for a form called "House Cleaning Technician Job 2021"
  • Click on the "code to embed the job"
  • Send that code to your webmaster.

6. Redirect your Indeed applicants to your Pipehire URL or website if you have the form embedded in your website. (recommended)

  • I recommend a budget of $250/mo budget per hire if you want to grow. Remember good cleaners bring $50-55K/year in sales. Free job in Indeed work but if you want to be on the top of the results and show your job to more applicants you have to pay.
  • Also redirect all other marketing channels to Pipehire URL (Facebook jobs, ZipRecruiter, etc)
  • If you need help setting up the Indeed redirect please contact us, we can help you or add us as user within your Indeed account so we can finish the process.

Ready set go! It's time to hire amazing people.

If you have questions or need help during this process: