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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

What is a Candidate's Card

Learn how to read and understand a Candidate's Card.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago.

Candidates Card funnel is an essential piece of the Funnel Module.

This is the place where you can find the information related to every candidate.

Let's break the card apart so you can understand every component.


Card Funnel consists of 2 original icons: "Featured Icon" and "Archive Icon."

Featured Icon can be used when one of the Applicants has an outstanding application. Select the Icon to highlight the Applicant.

Archive Icon means you can put the Applicant away so you can have a clear view of the Applicants you want to see inside your funnel.

Score Area shows how the Applicant is doing compared to other Applications. This score allows you to assess the Candidate and quickly realize the possibility to keep moving forward in the process.

To get into more detail, click over the Applicant's name. You will be able to see the data for this specific Applicant.

Schedule Icon shows when the Applicant is moved to the "To Be Interviewed" column.

Green Icon means the message was successfully delivered and the appointment has been scheduled inside Pipehire.

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