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Juan Chaparro
Written by Juan Chaparro

Unconfirmed Appointment Reminders.

Learn how to increase applicants to show up to their appointments using this nifty little tool saving you time and frustration.

Pipehire provides a new tool that allows you to send SMS reminders to those applicants who have not yet confirmed the interview appointment (please read this link).

The system automatically recognized the applicants with no confirmed appointments.

Next time you go to the Funnel Module, you'll find a screen that shows the applicants.

There are two actions to be performed on this screen.

Use the blue button to send an SMS, or you can confirm the appointment manually.

If you decide to send an SMS, you can click on the blue button and customize your message if necessary.

Pipehire provides a default text with a pre-loaded URL so that the applicant can click the link and confirm the appointment via cell phone.

If you're not interested in knocking down this task, you can click on the yellow button and skip it. You can always come back to Funnel Module and launch the confirmation SMS.

When applicants have not confirmed the appointment, the applicant card will show a red icon and red text.

If the applicant decides to confirm with a "YES," the system automatically updates her/his card inside the Funnel.

The system will show a green check icon and green text.