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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to use the File Manager module.

Pipehire uses an internally built-in File Manager to handle all employee documents.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago.

When the system starts getting applicants for a previously created form, the system automatically allocates those applicants under the Applicant Column

If the applicant's application is completed in full Pipehire will create an Applicant Folder automatically. The folder will be found under the File Manager Module.

Go to >>> File Manager to start adding documents to applicants and employees.

Select the employee you want to upload documents.

Click either on New Folder Button or Upload File Button.

If you are creating a new folder, type the name on the open field and click on Create Button. 

Just want to Upload a file? Click on Upload File Button and drag your files to "Drop files here" or simply upload documents from your computer.

Also, remember you can create Folder for onboarding documents, general documentation, benefits, off-boarding, etc.

File Manager is a handy tool to keep track of every document for new applicants or active employees. 

Keep every record on the cloud, stop piling up papers on your desk, give yourself a rest. 

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