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Juan Chaparro
Written by Juan Chaparro

How to track Complaints and Compliments

This is one of the most important if not the most important metric to track from your cleaning employees.

Written by Juan Chaparro

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To use this tool at full capacity, you need to create/import clients inside the system. 

Tracking Compliments and Complaints Steps:

Go to left menu click on "Compliments" or "Complaints"

Click on "Add New"

Follow the questions on the page and hit one of the buttons at the end.

Note: All fields should be filled in order for the compliment to save it to the employee profile and the same process applies to both compliments and complaints.

Buttons at the end Explained:

Only Save: Will only save the entry for the owner or manager of the company. The employee will never be notified about his.

Save and Send SMS to Employee: The entry will be saved in the employee record and the employee also will receive a text message with the following info:

  • Date of compliment
  • Name of the client
  • Reason
  • Description of the compliment

The employee will never see the client's personal info, like email, name, or address, they will see just their name. If the employee doesn't speak English, we have built a google translate into this text message so employees can see in Spanish.

The little checkbox: If you uncheck the box, the employee will not see the description or full text of the complaint, we built this because we needed to let the employee know about the compliment/complaint without hurting their feelings.

Scoring Explained:

Compliments Score (1 to 5):

When you create a complaint or compliment, in the end, you will be asked to score it from 1 to 5. 

One being just ok feedback the client is happy, and 5 being an AMAZING over the top compliment, the client said many nice things about the employee! 

Complaints Score: (1 to 5)

The complaints have a score too, 1 being a Light Complaint, like "they forgot to clean a mirror" and 5 being a Hard Complaint like they almost killed my dog, flood my house or something extreme. 

We use these scores to feed the Leaderboard which rates your employees from 1 to 5, 5 being the best. 

Complaint reminder

Pipehire will trigger an SMS notification to employees with a complete and detailed description. SMS is supposed to be trigger every day at 7:00 p.m. CT.

SMS is set up at 7:00 p.m every day because we thought it is essential for the employee to perform with the right attitude during the whole day.

(Sometimes complaints can be hard to assimilate).

Compliment reminder

Pipehire will trigger an SMS notification to employees with a complete and detailed description.

Notification is created automatically once the compliment has been generated inside the system. Make sure the toggle button is ON.

Enter a new Complaint Enter a new Compliment