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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to track Cleaning Employee Attendance

This article will explain the steps to do attendance tracking.

Written by Juan Chaparro

Updated over a week ago

Attendance tracking is one of the most complicated and easily forgettable. At Pipehire we built a simple way to do this. If you have any feedback please emails us:


  1. Click on Employees side menu
  2. Click on the Profile or Pencil icon.

3. Once you arrive to the Dashboard on the Attendance box click "+ Add" to create a new entry. A new window will display the options. 


Pick any day future or past. If you select a weekend, those will not count as we use Monday-Friday as working days, not weekends. 

Reasons for absence:

We have divided the reasons in 3 sections. 

  • Vacation
  • Personal
  • Absent

From the Reasons you pick will affect one of these numbers in the image below:


There's 3 statuses:

  • Approved = If you select this one, this will discount days from the tracker
  • Denied = Won't discount day from the tracker
  • Denied but absent = Won't discount day from the tracker

This completes the process to enter a new attendance entry. If there's questions please email: