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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to schedule applicant appointment.(V1.0)

Instructions on how to schedule Pipehire applicant appointment.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago


Right after you post your company Job Form you will start getting applicants.

Applicants will be shown in the Funnel Section column named as Applicant.

To schedule an interview you need to move the Candidate Card from the Applicant stage to the To Be Interviewed stage.

As soon as you move Candidate Card a popup window will be shown, this is the place where you can select an appointment date and send SMS to the selected applicant. 

The next step is to go back to Funnel Section and check for the Green Icon, this icon means the message was successfully delivered and the appointment has been scheduled inside Pipehire. 

Pipehire offers a Communication Log Module, here you can have a record of how many emails and SMS has been sent to your employees, applicants, and customers during a period of time.

Here you can check the email/SMS body used by Pipehire.

It is important to add your company phone number and company email to your profile. This information is used by Pipehire to be embedded in every email and SMS sent by your company.