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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to redirect applications from Indeed to Pipehire

This explains step by step what's needed to successfully redirect applicants from Indeed to your Pipehire funnel.

Step 1: Enable your Account

You must call (1-800-462-5842) or email the Indeed support team so they can enable your account to allow you to send applicants to an "external URL". I have spoken and emailed with these support agents below that have helped me in the past.

Stephen Arsola:

Katie Yantz:

Kathy Liang:

Tip: I recommend you call it's faster or if you don't have the time email them. Here's a template that should be something like this:

Hi [Agent Name]
I'm ____________ the owner of the account (insert your email address) I'd like to have my account enabled to allow applicants to apply to an external url, so I can send them to my own application form (insert here your unique Pipehire url or if it's embedded into your website send the url of your jobs page). My credit card billing zip code is ["90210"] enter your own of course so they can verify your account.
Thank you,

Step 2: Edit your Job

Login to your Indeed Dashboard

• Go Jobs section and look for the job you want to redirect applicants to Pipehire.

• Click on Actions > Edit Job

• On the Application Settings > Edit

• Select "Apply from URL"

  1. Enter your Pipehire URL should look something like this...

Step 3: Post your Job options:

Free job post:

You can post for free the job, but you will need to have a simple and clear job title description like "Full Time House Cleaning Tech" otherwise if you have a tile more like "Earn $600-$ 800-month cleaning houses" you will be required to sponsor the job, yes I thought they were joking.

We researched and made some calls about the title influencing the outcome of being free or sponsored, and unfortunately, it's correct. If candidates can't easily find the job they will make you sponsor it.

Paid job (sponsored):

Indeed has become a pay-per-applicant system in which they charge you $5-10 per applicant. This price varies depending on your market and the volume of hires you need. We recommend you post jobs on multiple platforms so you have more chances of finding the right applicants. Learn how to post your job into other hiring platforms.

I recommend $500/month for 2 hires a month and about $1000/mo for 3-4 hires a month. This is a recommendation of working mainly on larger US markets. You can obviously put the budget you're willing to spend based on your demand.