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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How to create work experience and education questions (Job Offers Module).

Pipehire's suggestion on how to ask your applicants about work experience and education.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago

There's a really easy way to get this done:

First, go to >>> Job Offers and click on the +Add New button.

Then start creating a new form, create as many questions needed to collect the information required for your company in the form's first section.

When you feel you're done with your first section go to the bottom of the page and click +Add New Section button, this action will create a completely new section inside your form.

Name your new section as Work Experience and Education.

Start adding questions to your newly created section. We recommend using Drop Down List type of question to ask about years of experience.

When finishing with this first question please go and create a new question, select Paragraph type of question, use the title "List your past 3/4 jobs".

Applicants will be able to list past jobs, manager's name, salary per week, etc. 

We usually recommend using the "Help Text" field, this way you can explicitly ask for information regarding past jobs.

"Help Text" can be something like this: 

Company / Start date-end date / Manager's name / Salary per week.

Click Save Question and then Save Form.

Go to your >>> Job Offers menu and select your newly created form from the list.

Click the Direct URL link to view your live form.

Here you can see how Past Job's questions look live mode.

Here's how the Paragraph Type of question looks like. 

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