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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

How Funnel Module works.

Learn the basics: How to look for a form, how to drag applicants, etc.


Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago

Funnel Module is based on the forms you've previously created.

Forms are the basic structure of your Funnel Module.

Let's say you created a form called "Full Time Cleaning Technician"; first, you need to find your form inside Funnel Module.

Please go to Applicant form dropdown and select the form.

If your form was previously shared(Indeed, Facebook, etc.), embed(inside your website), or post(job sites), applicants, would be loaded inside the form when selected.

With applicants ready to be placed in the funnel, the next step is to move them between columns(Stages).

Please select the "Dots" icon and start moving them at your discretion.

Applicants can be moved to any column inside the Funnel; it all depends on your criteria and company strategy.

There are two essential stages you have to be aware of.

First, "To be interviewed" stage and "Active working" stage.

These two stages are fundamental for the selection and previous activation(active working-employee) of the applicant.