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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

Funnel Icons Explained

This is a quick description of Employee Card Icons.

Written by Luis Chaparro

Updated over a week ago

Employee Card consists of different elements.

There are 3 Icons that you need to understand for the proper operation of your Funnel.

Feature Icon:

The graphic representation of "Feature Icon" is a star. 

You can click over the Icon to activate. 

If you consider this candidate a good fit for your company, highlight the candidate using the "Feature Icon."

Interview Appointment Icon:

When clicked, this Icon will open a "Pop Up" window so that you can schedule the interview for this specific candidate.

If the appointment has been scheduled, the Icon will turn into green color.

Archive Icon:

The principal function of the Icon is to archive any candidate.

When a candidate has been moved to the archive tab, a "Pop Up" window will show asking for "Archive Reasons." Select from the list any of the options. Also, there's room to expand your reasons using the open field.

Archive candidates would automatically move to the "Archive Tab."If you want to see all archive candidates, go to "Show Archived" tab.

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