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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

Employee Profile

Learn to understand employee profiles and document tabs.

Written by Luis Chaparro

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Employee Profile is one of the main components of Pipehire.

Here you'll have full control over each employee.

First, click >>> Employees in the left menu.

Select the employee from the list.

Click on the Edit icon

Employee profile contains all the information related to your employees like address, DOB, email, status, also information like SSN, Driver's License, etc.

Remember, this info is linked to the initial application(Recruitment Form) of your employee.

In the employee dashboard section, you have seven tabs; each contains relevant info like Onboarding documents checklist, employee documents and expiration date, training, benefits, and off-boarding. 

These tabs are customizable inside the employee attributes section, let's say you want to add a new document, go to the Employee Attributes section, and customize your list as you need to.

Also, Pipehire provides you with Notes tab, here you can add important notes about your employee, reminders, etc.

Interview Score tab is the place to score face to face interviews; this questionnaire plays a vital role in the process of hiring new cleaning employees.

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