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Luis Chaparro
Written by Luis Chaparro

Understanding Improved Form Metrics

This article will help you understand how your job forms are performing, so you can make better decisions and attract more conversions.

Pipehire Forms Module provides all the information you need to stay updated about your job post forms performance.

Inside the new interface, users can see all the forms that have been previously created in the form of a "card."

We have designed a new set of metrics to help our users make better and quick decisions about the hiring process.

At first hand, we have the form title, which was previously assigned on the Form Builder.

Next, we have the form URL, which can be shared in job posting sites like Facebook groups, Facebook company pages, Indeed, Housekeeper, Gumtree, Zip Recruiter, Craig's List, and more.

Pipehire offers you the option to embed the form on your website. 

Please read this article explaining how to embed the form on your website.

Click on"View code and Pipehire recommendations" to view the code.

Remember you can also edit, duplicate, and delete the form if you need to (see image below).

Pipehire has created a new set of form metrics so the user can be well informed about their job form performance. 

Users can now be aware of form visitors, completed forms, and uncompleted forms. Every form has its own metrics, as you can see on the bottom image.

There are also five complementary metrics that apply to all the forms previously created.

  1. Open positions refer to all open positions you have available at the moment.
  2. Total applicants refer to all the applicants who have filled the form. Please remember some of the applicants may have left some of the forms in the incomplete stage. In this case, the system sends an email reminding the applicant to complete the form so she/he can be considered for the open position.
  3. Total visitors to your form refer to all the visitors who have visited the forms.