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Juan Chaparro
Written by Juan Chaparro

Account Settings-Employee Attributes. (Onboarding)

Customize what documents you as a business owner/manager want to track for every employee during Onboarding, training and offboarding.

Written by Luis Chaparro

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Inside Employee Attributes, you can customize what documents you as a business owner/manager want to track for every employee.

You'll have full control over documents, and it's respective expiration dates.

Customize Documents

First, click >>> Account Settings in the left bar. 

In the dropdown please select >>> Employee Attributes. 

Next navigate through the tabs on the top of the page.

You can add/erase documents depending on your company's policy.

Please notice that Pipehire provides you with five different tabs:

  1. Onboarding.
  2. Documents.
  3. Training.
  4. Benefits.
  5. Offboarding.

Each of these tabs contains a specific list of documents for every step of the process.

To add a new document, click on the right button, Pipehire automatically creates a new field located at the bottom of the list.

Please fill the new field with the correct info then click "Save all changes".

Remember, you can also move the documents up and down, depending on each document's relevance.

To see these attributes in action head to >>> Employees Module on the left menu, here's a quick guide to help you comprehend how these two features are connected.

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